Song of the little bud

Little bud of the arid land,

Fragile prey of a greedy hand

The sun watches you

The sun kills you

Little by little

And dusty mother earth

gives you no shelter.


Little bud of the arid land,

Princess of the greedy sand

Desert man is passing by.

Desert man holds out his fingers

and kisses you with a water drop

Desert man already lingers

There will be a new morning

For you blessed little flowers.


Now that the water drop

Has dried up

You only live in memories

Of those who glanced at you once

And went on with a tear of hope

Grateful to the princess of emptiness.



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Little princess of the land,
No desert is arid, no desert is empty. Look at the sky, take the time to listen to every drop the dew bring to you and say to yourself that only desert could give the most beautiful fragrance to the rose you are.
Bon, maintenant life goes on and life is bitch. but she is f*(*( beautifully so enjoy the ride!

Écrit par : Loula | 14/04/2007

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